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List of contents 

  • Prelude: John Carter Comes to Earth
  • Chapter I: Tara in a Tantrum
  • Chapter II: At the Gale's Mercy
  • Chapter III: The Headless Humans
  • Chapter IV: Captured
  • Chapter V: The Perfect Brain
  • Chapter VI: In the Toils of Horror
  • Chapter VII: A Repellent Sight
  • Chapter VIII: Close Work
  • Chapter IX: Adrift Over Strange Regions
  • Chapter X: Entrapped
  • Chapter XI: The Choice of Tara
  • Chapter XII: Ghek Plays Pranks
  • Chapter XIII: A Desperate Deed
  • Chapter XIV: At Ghek's Command
  • Chapter XV: The Old Man of the Pits
  • Chapter XVI: Another Change of Name
  • Chapter XVII: A Play to the Death
  • Chapter XVIII: A Task for Loyalty
  • Chapter XIX: The Menace of the Dead
  • Chapter XX: The Charge of Cowardice
  • Chapter XXI: A Risk for Love
  • Chapter XXII: At the Moment of Marriage
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