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List of contents 

  • Chapter I: Out to Sea
  • Chapter II: The Savage Home
  • Chapter III: Life and Death
  • Chapter IV: The Apes
  • Chapter V: The White Ape
  • Chapter VI: Jungle Battles
  • Chapter VII: The Light of Knowledge
  • Chapter VIII: The Tree-top Hunter
  • Chapter IX: Man and Man
  • Chapter X: The Fear-Phantom
  • Chapter XI: "King of the Apes"
  • Chapter XII: Man's Reason
  • Chapter XIII: His Own Kind
  • Chapter XIV: At the Mercy of the Jungle
  • Chapter XV: The Forest God
  • Chapter XVI: "Most Remarkable"
  • Chapter XVII: Burials
  • Chapter XVIII: The Jungle Toll
  • Chapter XIX: The Call of the Primitive
  • Chapter XX: Heredity
  • Chapter XXI: The Village of Torture
  • Chapter XXII: The Search Party
  • Chapter XXIII: Brother Men
  • Chapter XXIV: Lost Treasure
  • Chapter XXV: The Outpost of the World
  • Chapter XXVI: The Height of Civilization
  • Chapter XXVII: The Giant Again
  • Chapter XXVIII: Conclusion
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